RTHK Election Forum Timing System

Under Hong Kong election ordinance for public media,  all candidates should have identical air time for their speech during election forum.

This is a system to count the speech time of each candidate.

Each candidate (team) had a screeen with a time bar to show thier own remaining time to speech.

All candidate speech time were count in central unit and outputed  to MC  and control panel.

a team of timers were standing at back and once they saw particular timers start speech, they will press s button start to count.


We are the contractors of the all the following election forums

  • Legislative Council Election forum 2004
  • District Board Election Forum 2007
  • Legislative Council Election forum 2008
  • Legislative Council Election forum 2012



Tender proposal

System design

Electronic deisgn and assembly

Software design and development

live production : arrange students timers, setup, control , monitors